French- The Language of Connection

Have you ever heard the statement, French is the Language of Love?’ this is the language that is considered that people are likely to use romantic expressions. People that speak in French are said to be the most likely to be saying something romantic in their speech. Of all the translated statements among French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian languages, most of the words in French have been realized to have romantic nature.

The connection between French and love is still not very clear about why she’s the motherland of love. It has a stable cliché attachment to love. Researchers have therefore often wondered, is it because of the supposedly romantic behavior or due to the strong elegance in the speech? However, we have several reasons that might shed some light on this strong attachment of love in the French language.

French has been considered a very sexy language of all time. This is very true that researchers have realized 34% of the interviewed sample said that they believed French to be the sexiest language ever. There is an excellent press in the French language. There is quite a huge percentage that also says they choose to learn French out of romantic nature.

Other than speaking romance, French is very accurate and perceived to be harmonious and musical. This is one of the reasons it is regarded as very irresistible. Within the languages, there are many nuances used to describe emotional and sensational ranges. The language has lexical expressions which a very few compared to the English language. You can, therefore, find love term in numerous ways here including, fiancé, liaison, tete a tete, among others that have crossed the country’s borders and reflects the culture.  Get more details here!

The countries literature and culture is an excellent contribution to the romantic and love learning. The country’s literature has dramatically inspired her passion for romantic. A typical love story very fills French literature. Two curse lovers; Abelard and Heloise. Their passionate letters are a sight to behold. In the 12 century, it was said that their affair resulted in love martyrs. Over time, great prolific French writers have filled their novels with love stories and romantic adventures. Movies as well have to be left behind as well as outstanding photography. Get into some more facts about French language, go to

The typical Frenchman lifestyle at not being enough, the upper class has a similar story to tell. Whether kings or presidents, they all demonstrate the same message and culture. The tumultuous love lives that are well colored with scandals.